Teen Who Stabbed Man To Death Sentenced To 25-Years-To Life

A Weaverville teenager who stabbed a man to death in a jealous rage has been given a life sentence. Now-19-year-old Michael Hastey was 16-years-old in January of 2019 when he murdered 28-year-old Nathan Purdue because he thought Purdue was making advances towards Hastey’s 17-year-old girlfriend. The three of them had spent some time together earlier in the day. She and Hastey were at Hastey’s home in Weaverville when she told him she had kissed Perdue, who asked her to call him if things didn’t work out with Hastey. Upon hearing that, Hastey grabbed a knife, stormed out of the house to find Purdue and stabbed him multiple times at the corner of Mill and Main Streets. While awaiting trial, Hastey was incarcerated in juvenile halls in Tehama, Shasta, Trinity and Tulare Counties, but he repeatedly assaulted other juvenile inmates, as well as a custodial officer. Last year he was transferred to adult jail before being tried and convicted as an adult. Last week Hastey was given a sentence of 25-years-to-life in state prison.