Real Estate Agent Pleads Guilty To Insurance Fraud

A Redding real estate agent who lost everything in the Carr Fire has made a plea deal on insurance fraud charges. Stephen Cortopassi was evacuated from his Redding home on July 27th of 2018. The fire destroyed his home, a detached garage and four vehicles. The next day, Cortopassi apparently contacted his insurance broker to buy a new policy on one of the vehicles and add comprehensive coverage to the other three, even though they had already been destroyed. The policies took effect the day after that. Three weeks later, Cortopassi filed a claim stating that the four vehicles were destroyed on August 9th. For his actual legitimate insurance coverage, Cortopassi was paid more than a Million Dollars. The additional claim was a little more than $43,000. After pleading guilty to one count of felony insurance fraud, Cortopassi was sentenced to 30 days of community service and 2 years probation.