Man Who Murdered, Burned Woman’s Body Sentenced To Life In Prison

The man who murdered Anna Coker has been given a life sentence. The body of 50-year-old Shingletown woman was found in August of 2018 in a rock crevice west of the Battle Creek Reservoir. The discovery was made by a Cal-Fire crew who had been fighting a nearby vegetation fire. Coker’s body was badly burned, but apparently not by the same fire that brought Cal-Fire to the scene. 51-year-old Frank Alexander Berry, who had been dating Anna, had also tried to conceal his guilt by burning Anna’s belongings in a bonfire. Not only was he unable to destroy the items, he drew a lot of attention building the large fire during a state of emergency prompted by the Carr Fire. He was arrested two days later, despite having disguised himself with a hat, glasses, and fake moustache, and by coloring his eyebrows with a felt marker. He was also armed when he was arrested. A Shasta County jury returned a guilty verdict for first degree murder in March. Anna’s family was in the courtroom throughout the trial, and made emotional statements Monday before berry was sentenced to 32-years-to-life in state prison.