Grand Jury Recommends Moty Be Censured For Actions During Carr Fire

Shasta County Supervisor Leonard Moty has been called out by the Shasta County Grand Jury for an alleged breach of governmental ethics. A report released Monday accuses Moty of “misfeasance”, meaning that he used the authority of his position to gain a service not available to his constituency under the guise of performance of job duties by using county resources for personal benefit during a time of crisis. Specifically, the jurors found that during the Carr Fire, Moty made multiple escorted tours into the evacuated fire zone, ostensibly to check on the condition of his constituents’ homes within his supervisorial district. However, the visits were primarily made to his own neighborhood and he would bring along gas cans to refuel a generator at his own house so his food wouldn’t spoil. The panel found this to be inappropriate not because it was illegal, which it wasn’t, but because it was self serving and required the assistance of Shasta County fire personnel, whose budget is affected by Moty’s votes on the board. The Grand Jury is recommending that Moty receive a censure by his colleagues on the Board of Supervisors and that they ask him to apologize publicly. The full report can be found at Moty said Monday on his Facebook page that he spent time behind the fire line almost every day, checking on other peoples’ homes, helping with livestock and vehicles, and filling generators, including his own. He said he welcomes the scrutiny.