Burial Ceremony Will Honor Wintu Woman & Her Children

The remains of a Wintu woman and her 5 children have been reclaimed by the tribe for a culturally appropriate burial on her ancestral lands. A total of 11 sets of remains of apparent Wintu ancestry were picked up last week by members of Redding Rancheria. 5 children ranging from newborn to age 5 were found with their mother, is believed to have been about 50-years-old and was likely murdered based on damage to her skull. On Wednesday the remains of the woman and her children will be laid to rest near Redding Arboretum where they had been found before being sent to U.C. Berkeley for study. The day is of particular significance because it’s also “Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Day”, established to recognize the staggering numbers of Native American women who continue to be victimized. The Sundial Bridge will be bathed in red light in their honor. The community is invited to join tribal members for the burial ceremony Wednesday at 4:30PM across from Turtle Bay on the north side of the river.