Man Arrested After Lighting Trailer On Fire During Standoff

Redding Police say a man wanted for brandishing a gun held them at bay for a while before setting fire to his trailer and running. 58-year-old Bruce Valentine was living in a travel trailer on a property off Bell Road in the Bonnyview area. 39-year-old Terry Patterson lives in a house on the same property. Patterson told police that Valentine came to his house with a metal pipe in one hand and a knife in the other, and accused Patterson of stealing from him before using the pipe to crack the windshield of Patterson’s truck. Valentine then returned to his trailer and when he came back out he was reportedly carrying a handgun, which he loaded in front of Patterson before pointing it at him. Valentine was back in his trailer when police arrived, but he came back out holding a large stick. Officers called out to him but he went back inside. Repeated attempts to contact him failed and a negotiator reached him on his cell phone, but that conversation ended with Valentine saying he was armed with a machete and would not give up without a fight. Neighbors were evacuated and the SWAT Team took over and surrounded the trailer. A little after Noon, Valentine started breaking windows and set fire to the trailer before bolting out the door and making a run for it. He was hit with a beanbag round and taken into custody. Redding Fire Department was called in to put out the fire but the trailer was totally destroyed. Valentine was booked on several felony charges.