Redding Chamber Opposes Recalling Shasta County Supervisors

The Redding Chamber of Commerce has taken an official position opposing the recall of three Shasta County Supervisors, following a unanimous vote by the chamber’s board of directors Tuesday. The organizers of the recall are targeting Leonard Moty, Joe Chimenti and Mary Rickert for what they see as a capitulation to the governor’s wishes over the interests of Shasta County citizens, particularly in terms of Coronavirus restrictions. In announcing their position, the chamber cites several reasons, including the supervisors’ unwillingness to enforce the state Covid restrictions and their approval of business grants from the “CARES” Act funding. They also say the estimated $400,000 taxpayer cost for a recall election is not a wise or effective use of public funds, especially with a regular election coming next year. The chamber’s announcement comes after County Clerk Cathy Darling-Allen ordered the recall organizers to scrap all the work they’ve done so far because of election rules violations. Another group, called “Shasta Forward”, has been organized to oppose the recall.