Private Helicopter Pilot Helps Lead CHP Officers To Chase Suspect

A man who ran from Red Bluff Police Thursday was eventually caught after help from a helicopter pilot. At around 2:30PM officers were called for a wrong way driver near the intersection of Antelope Boulevard and Main Street. When they arrived they found a small car burning rubber, spinning donuts in the middle of the road. When they tried to stop it, the car took off and led officers through Red Bluff and onto county roads at 70 miles an hour. The car was chased eastbound up Hogsback Road until it left the roadway and got stuck. The driver fled into the brush. A CHP airplane was called to help find the man. Meanwhile a private helicopter owner happened to be in the area and he led officers to where 45-year-old Uriah John hare was laying down in the bushes. He refused to surrender so many the K9 dragged him out. He was booked into jail on multiple charges.