Man Who Spent 28 Years In Prison Found Innocent

A man has finally been fully exonerated for a Trinity County murder he did not commit, but for which he spent 28 years in prison, according to the Trinity Journal. Bob Fenenbock was convicted based on the testimony of Randolph Hogrefe, who was only 9-years-old when Gary “Hop” Summar was stabbed to death in a Hawkins Bar campground in 1991. Summar was suspected of sexually molesting a little girl. Seven people, including Hogrefe’s mother, were eventually convicted for involvement in the killing of Summar. Fenenbock was the man convicted of actually wielding the knife. He was exonerated in August of 2019, thanks to work done by the Innocence Project, who showed Hogrefe his original statement and transcripts. That’s when Hogrefe says he realized that his testimony had been coached and coerced by Trinity County detectives and therapists. He actually had told them multiple times that he hadn’t seen anything, but they allegedly told him what to say and force-fed the story he told as the key witness in court. Fenenbock was released from prison and evidence against him was dismissed, but now he’s been ruled to be entirely innocent, allowing him to file a claim to the state and possible file a lawsuit against Trinity County.