Monthlong Backyard Burn Season Begins In Redding

It’s that time of year again for Redding residents to burn the piles of leaves and weeds that have accumulated in backyards. People are encouraged to stuff their greenwaste cans or haul the material somewhere like the Redding Transfer Station, where it’s turned into mulch. Wherever burning is done during the month of April there are rules, including a 10 foot clearance scraped down to the dirt and a responsible adult present with a water source and a shovel. To check if it’s a burn day in Shasta County the number is 224-8777, with the recording updated at 9:15AM each day. Pile burning season in Redding and the Buckeye Area runs through April and requires a permit that can be acquired for free at For piles larger than 4 feet, a fuel mitigation permit can be purchased for $16, and that includes an inspection by the fire department. Inquiries can be made at 225-4141.