Update: Suspect In Custody After Standoff In Old Station

Shasta County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested a man after a tense standoff near Old Station. Deputies responded at 10:40AM Wednesday morning on a report that a man was threatening to kill a female at a home on Remann Avenue. She said her parents were gone and she was home alone as the man was trying to force his way in. The first arriving deputy came across 41-year-old Benjamin Elliot at Remann Avenue and Hall Way and started asking questions, then noticed Elliot had a can of pepper spray and other items in pouches around his waistband. The deputy tried to take the pepper spray but Elliot pulled away and started to fight. The deputy then tried to get him in handcuffs and Elliot became more violent so the deputy used his Taser, which had little effect. Pepper spray also was ineffective. Elliot then pulled out a knife and started swinging it at the deputy before running away into his nearby home. As backup was arriving, a negotiator got through on the phone to Elliot, who reportedly claimed he had a rifle that he was pointing at deputies from his loft. That prompted a call for the SWAT Team. After 3 hours of negotiations, including calls from Elliot’s mother, he finally surrendered at 2:15PM in the afternoon. After being treated at a hospital for injuries from the fight, Elliot was booked into jail on multiple charges.