COVID-19 Variant Found In Shasta County

Public health officials are concerned that a Covid variant called B117 has been detected in Shasta County. B117 is more transmittable and symptoms are more severe. It can spread to people who have already been vaccinated for COVID-19.

Only 13 new cases of Coronavirus have been reported by Shasta County as the numbers continue to decline. 662 negative tests were reported on the same day. There have been 200 fatalities. The total number of cases so far is 11,307. An estimated 75 people have the virus right now, 5 of them hospitalized and nobody in intensive care.

Tehama County has reported 5,253 cases and 54 deaths.
There have been 385 cases and 5 deaths in Trinity County.
1,863 have been reported in Siskiyou County with 15 deaths.
Butte County has reported 175 deaths among their 11,033 cases.
Lassen County has had 22 deaths among their 2,039 cases in the community and 2 deaths among the 3,598 cases in prison.
Humboldt County has had 3,432 cases and 34 deaths.

Appointments are available this week for first dose vaccination clinics. There’s no cost to receive a vaccine. Details are at under “Vaccinations”.

More than three months into the U.S. vaccination drive, 70% of Americans 65 and older have received at least one dose of the vaccine. About 2.5 million Americans are getting vaccinated each day.

COVID-19 deaths have dipped below 1,000 a day on average for the first time since November

The White House says 27 million doses of coronavirus vaccines will be distributed next week.