Man Accepts Plea Deal In Murder Case, Will Face Life In Mental Facility

A Corning man has essentially admitted to murdering his mother. 34-year-old Erik Deno has been locked up since October of 2018, when Corning Police were sent to a home off Marguerite Avenue to check on 55-year-old Angelika Deno. A neighbor had called after Angelika’s son, Erik, had come to her door acting strangely and saying he needed help hiding a body. When officers went to the house nobody answered the door and they eventually forced their way in. Officers found Angelika’s body in a trash bin outside. She had been strangled to death. Erik was declared mentally incompetent and placed in a state hospital, where he remained until last September when he returned to be reevaluated. Deno was ruled competent to stand trial and pled not guilty to first degree murder. On Monday Deno was in court to accept a plea bargain from the Tehama County D.A.’s Office and entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity to second degree murder. His sentence will be 15 years to life in a mental facility.