Corning Man’s Prison Sentence Suspended, Will Serve Time In County Jail

A Corning man has been sentenced for charges stemming from an arrest last August when he passed out in his car at a gas station. 58-year-old Darrin McHenry was awakened by Corning Police, who asked him if he had been drinking or using drugs. He said he had not, and then went back to sleep. When the officer woke him again he said he would drive home but they told him he should call someone for a ride. McHenry agreed but was unable to find his cell phone, and gave the officer permission to look for it. That’s when the officer discovered Heroin, Methamphetamine, syringes, evidence of sales, more than $4,500, and a pound of Marijuana in the trunk. McHenry has been given a 4 year prison sentence, suspended in lieu of 2 years probation and 150 days in jail.