Council Approves Pay Raises For Police, Help For Those Behind On Electric Bills

The Redding City Council has allocated $3 Million to extend programs it enacted last year to help those struggling to pay their electric bills during the COVID-19 pandemic. Redding Electric Utility Director Dan Beans told the council that about 75 percent of the 1700 customers currently set for disconnection would not be eligible for other programs. In addition to leaving the power on for those who fall behind, past due bills will be amortized for up to five years and late fees will also be waived. Beans says about $1.8 Million is owed to the REU and comes from a wide range of customers. The council agreed to extend the help for another year and will revisit the issue again next year. Also Tuesday night, the council approved a 20% pay raise for Redding Police, to be awarded over the course of 2 and a half years.