NPU Seizes 2 Ounces Of Fentanyl During Traffic Stop

Redding Police say a couple of drug dealers they busted had been bringing large quantities of Fentanyl into town from the Bay Area. Fentanyl is a highly concentrated narcotic that’s sometimes used as a substitute for other drugs, often without the knowledge of the users. The Neighborhood Police Unit had been investigating 32-year-old Brandon Roades and 31-year-old Ashley Myers after an increase in Fentanyl related overdoses and deaths in the last few months. On February 11th Roades and Myers were spotted driving near Cypress and Parkview and they were detained while a search warrant was obtained by the NPU and SINTF. They reportedly had 2 Ounces of Fentanyl, which is a significant amount, and the couple was booked into jail.