Downtown Area Closed Since 1972 Opens To Traffic

A couple of brand new city blocks opened to traffic in Downtown Redding Wednesday. Market Street, which had terminated southbound at Tehama Street since 1972, now continues south all the way to Yuba Street, where it now splits east and west. The opening was done 49 years to the day after it closed to make way for construction of the Downtown Redding Mall. The celebration of the Market Street revival was streamed live online, as people were discouraged from gathering at the site. As City Manager Barry Tippin commented, it was very well attended for a supposedly virtual event. Two antique cars and Redding Fire Truck Number One were the first vehicles to traverse the new pavement, followed by some Redding Police electric vehicles, which included electric motorcycles and the new RPD Tesla. The long-closed portions of Market and Yuba Streets are now officially open for public travel.