Alleged Pimps Remain Behind Bars After Sting Operation

Two alleged pimps arrested in an Anderson Police sting operation over the weekend won’t likely be going anywhere soon, according to the Shasta County D.A.’s Office. Officers solicited sex acts from known prostitution websites and arranged to meet at a hotel in Anderson on Saturday. The first to arrive were a 22-year-old Yuba City woman and a 17-year-old Hayward girl. The woman was eventually released and the girl was turned over to her mother. Waiting in the car was 28-year-old Ravanaur Gohleston, who was arrested for pimping and pandering, and for human trafficking of a minor, which carries a possible life sentence. Later on a 24-year-old woman from Stockton showed up. She was brought there by 25-year-old Jonathan Lee. He was arrested for pimping and she was offered resources and released. Both men were arraigned Wednesday. Gohleston’s bail is set at $250,000 and a hold is placed on it so he would have to prove that his bail money was not related to the charges he faces. Lee’s bail is $100,000. He has a prior strike for shooting at an inhabited dwelling. Both men are ordered not to try and contact the alleged prostitutes.