Youth Sports Close To Returning As COVID-90 Numbers Decline

Following a surge of Coronavirus fatalities, Shasta County has now had only two in the past week, for a total of 172. The latest to die was a man in his 60’s. Another 34 cases have been confirmed, as well as 979 negative tests. The total number of cases so far is 10,868. An estimated 185 people have the virus right now, 12 of them hospitalized and 2 in intensive care.

Tehama County has reported 5,043 cases and 52 deaths.
There have been 340 cases and 5 deaths in Trinity County.
1,701 have been reported in Siskiyou County with 13 deaths.
Butte County has reported 156 deaths among their 10,617 cases.
Lassen County has had 17 deaths among their 2,011 cases in the community and 2 deaths among the 3,547 cases in prison.
Humboldt County has had 3,067 cases and 32 deaths.
Modoc County has had 448 cases and 4 deaths.

California plans to set aside 10 percent of first vaccine doses for educators, school staff and childcare providers starting in March to help get children back in classrooms.

Shasta County’s adjusted case rate is 14.8 per 100,000 residents. A little more testing would allow implementation of the unadjusted case rate of 13.5. That would bring the county below the threshold of 14 established by the state to allow outdoor high or moderate contact youth sports.

Anyone else who has not had a first dose of vaccine can go to and click on “Tell Me When It’s My Turn” to fill out a form and await contact.

Walk-in testing is available at many locations listed under “Get Tested” at