Man Faces Felony Charges After Chase In Butte County

Police in the Butte County Town of Gridley are puzzled about why a man fled from them in a chase that ended with two crashed police cars. Sunday afternoon an officer tried to pull over a Lexus sedan for exceeding the 30 mile an hour speed limit on Hazel Street. The driver pulled into a Starbucks parking lot and the driver said he was 19-year-old Michael Harrison. The officer learned Harrison was on probation and had a suspended license, and he asked him to get out of the car as he grabbed a hold of his left arm. Harrison reportedly used his other hand to put the car in gear and he sped away. The chase circulated around Gridley until Harrison slid into a curb. An officer pulled up behind him but the Lexus rammed the patrol car in reverse. Another officer pulled up to box in the Lexus, and that car also was rammed before the officer used his car to push the Lexus up against a tree. Harrison was not wanted and nothing illegal was found in the car. He said he fled because he thought he was going to jail. He now faces five felony charges.