Investigators Seeks Leads On Man Missing Since 2012

Redding Police are taking another look at a cold missing persons case that has puzzled them for years. Courtney Nathan Jones-Botta was 23-years-old when he was reported missing by his mother on August 16th of 2012. He called her for a ride from a location on the 700 block of Joaquin Avenue, but when she arrived about 20 minutes later he was gone. He’s described as a white man, 6-foot-1, about 155 pounds, with brown hair, blue eyes, and a tattoo of a cross and armor on his left shoulder. A photo is on the KQMS Facebook Page. Over the past several years, RPD investigators have followed dozens of leads and interviewed multiple people but nothing has ever panned out. A $9,000 reward is offered for anonymous tips at 243-2319 or