Accused Killer Was Neighbors With Man Dragged Behind Motorcycle

Red Bluff Police are still trying to determine why a murdered man was dragged behind a motorcycle Monday night. The dead man was apparently the upstairs neighbor of 37-year-old Ray Cain at a Franzel Road apartment complex. Cain has refused to speak with detectives. officers were called by a neighbor who said a man was tied up at the base of the stairs at the apartments. Police say when they arrived the victim was tied around the ankles, with the other end of the rope tied to Cain’s motorcycle as he dragged the man down the street about three blocks. One of the officers fired several shots but Cain was not struck. The motorcycle turned onto South Jackson Street and the man being dragged came loose. It’s not yet known if he died from being dragged or if he was killed prior to that. His name has not been released. Officers pursued Cain until he crashed on South Main Street near I-5. He was treated at Saint Elizabeth for moderate injuries and then booked into jail, where he’s being held on a Million Dollars bail.