Drugs, Handgun, & Cash Found In Look-alike Police Car

Driving a look-alike police car is not a very effective way of staying under the radar of the real cops. Tuesday afternoon Shasta County D.A. Investigators on Eastside Road saw a Chevy sedan painted black with white doors, a push bumper, spotlights and a light bar on top that was obviously made to look like a cop car. The car was pulled over for having no front license plate. It was registered to Gabriel Detrant, who has a suspended license and is on Post Release Supervision. As soon as the car came to a stop, the driver and a rear passenger jumped out and ran in opposite directions. A front seat passenger, Robert Jones, stayed where he was. Detrant was found about 150 yards away hiding in some bushes. The other person got away. A search of the car reportedly turned up significant quantities of Heroin and Methamphetamine, as well as a large amount of cash and a loaded handgun. Detrant and Jones were booked into jail.