Robbery Victims Sentenced To County Jail

Robbery victims have, themselves, been sentenced to jail in Tehama County. In January of 2019, a woman knocked at the front door of a home on Highway 99W at the northern edge of Corning and said her car had broken down. Then-23-year-old Austreberto Santamaria-Valencia went out to help her. When he got to the car two men confronted him, one of them with a handgun, and led him back toward the house, apparently to steal a large quantity of Marijuana. Meanwhile the victim’s parents had come outside and were accosted by two other armed men. The husband and wife struggled, as did Austreberto, and all three were able to get into the house and lock the door. Austreberto retrieved a handgun from his bedroom as suspects in the carport broke the window of the back door. Austreberto stepped out the door and shot two of the robbers in the head, killing them. One of the remaining suspects took off on foot. Meanwhile, Jose Anciento Cardenas-Manzo, the uncle of one of the robbers, was waiting at a Corning Truck Stop. He had planned the heist and was sentenced last year to 5 years in state prison. The parents, Enrique and Maria Santamaria-Zepeda, have been sentenced for the 80 pounds of Marijuana they had. He was given 30 days and she was given 90 days in county jail, and both are on probation. Austreberto was never charged with a crime.