Supervisors To Vote On Possible Censure At Tuesday’s Meeting

At Tuesday’s meeting, the Shasta County Board of Supervisors will vote on whether to censure two of their own members. The item is a result of Patrick Jones and Les Baugh opening the doors of the Supervisor’s Chambers on January 5th, allowing members of the public to crowd in for a meeting. The other three supervisors were attending the meeting from remote locations. The opening of the doors directly refuted a resolution adopted by the board in December that forbade the public from attending in person as long as the county remains in the purple tier of Covid restrictions. During that meeting on January 5th, the board called for a special meeting the next day to consider a repeal of the closed-meeting resolution. Jones and Baugh let the public into that meeting as well, again violating the resolution that was struck down during that very meeting. The two supervisors could be given an official censure, which is basically just a statement of disapproval that asks them to follow the rules.