Corning Man Ordered To Stand Trial After Spending A Year In State Mental Hospital

A Corning man accused of murdering his mother more than two years ago is going to stand trial. 34-year-old Erik Deno has been locked up in a state mental hospital after being deemed incompetent to stand trial. On October 8th, 2018, Corning Police were sent to a home on Marty Court off Marguerite Avenue to check on 55-year-old Angelika Deno. A neighbor had called after Angelika’s son, Erik, had come to her door acting strangely. He asked if “Waldo” was home and she said she didn’t know a Waldo. He then asked if he could talk to Jesus and said he needed help hiding a body. When he left, she called 9-1-1. When officers went to the house nobody answered the door and they eventually forced their way in. Erik was taken into custody after a brief struggle. Shortly afterward, officers found the body of his mother in the trash bin outside. She had been strangled to death. Erik reportedly said he had killed a woman who was squatting in the house, never acknowledging she was his mother. He was charged with first degree murder and entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. He was declared mentally incompetent and placed in a mental facility. A judge ordered Deno moved to a state hospital, where he began a regimen of anti-psychotic drugs. Deno was ruled competent to stand trial in October of last year. During a preliminary hearing on Tuesday, Deno was ordered to answer to the charges. He’ll return to court February 22nd to re-enter a plea.