Man Rescued After Pickup Crashes Down Embankment

A Happy Camp man was rescued after his pickup crashed down a 200 foot embankment in Siskiyou County on Friday. The CHP says that about 9AM Saturday officers were called after a passerby saw skid marks on Highway 96 that led off the highway and down an embankment. An officer responded and heard the voice of a man coming from a burned pickup truck about 200 feet down the hillside. Happy Camp Fire and Ambulance personnel climbed down and found Kenneth Carney. He said he had been driving on the highway on Friday and noticed flames coming from the passenger’s side of the hood on his Dodge 3500 pickup. He apparently became distracted by the flames and the pickup went off the north side of the highway and struck a rock embankment. The truck than crossed back across Highway 96 and struck a tree and ended up down the embankment. The truck caught fire as Carney crawled away from the wreck. He was forced to spend the night waiting to be rescued. He was taken by ambulance with moderate injuries.