APD: Intoxicated Woman Arrested After Threats Of Violence

A woman was arrested in Anderson Wednesday night after a drunken threatening rage, according to police. 41-year-old Melissa Marie Pollard was reportedly reeling around brandishing a knife outside a business on Gateway Drive. Witnesses say she approached a vehicle in the parking lot with a mother and her child inside and threatened them with the knife, saying she would cut them. An employee confronted Pollard, and she reportedly threatened him with the knife too. When APD Officers arrived they recognized Pollard, who’s on felony probation for obstructing an officer. She was heavily intoxicated and screaming incoherently, and also yelled a number of German words and phrases as she tried to issue commands to Iro the K9. Unbeknownst to her, Iro is actually from the Czech Republic, not Germany. After a brief standoff with officers, Pollard dropped the knife and was taken into custody.