Man Accused Of Kidnapping Neighbor Released After Jury Trial

An Anderson man accused of kidnapping his neighbor and taking her to Red Bluff has gotten a break. Last August, the victim alleged that her neighbor on Ash Creek Road, 39-year-old John Cole Knauss, had lured her into his car by offering her a ride to a nearby store to get cigarettes. However, he went the other way despite her saying she wanted out and he reportedly told her he was going to rape her and kill her. He drove her all the way to the Red Bluff Diversion Dam, where she was able to escape from him and call police. Knauss was arrested where he had parked at the diversion dam and had been in jail ever since on a Half Million Dollars bail, charged with kidnapping and false imprisonment. A jury was only able to return a guilty verdict for misdemeanor obstructing an officer. Knauss was given credit for time served and released.