Chico Man Sentenced To Prison After Series Of Hate Crimes

A 35-year-old Chico man has been sentenced after pleading no contest to several vandalism and hate crimes charges. In June of 2019, Thomas Bona approached a man he didn’t know who was sitting in a car. Bona yelled racial slurs at him, kicked in the driver’s door and used a knife to carve a white supremacy symbol on the hood of the car. On April 9th of 2019 Bona used a black marker to leave white power messages on the walls and door of a minority-owned gas station. That same day he broke a window of a minority-owned food truck after his credit card was declined. Bona was released from jail last April and in June he marked multiple white swastikas in the Chico Plaza, while a crowd was gathered there in response to the death of George Floyd. Bona has mental health issues and was twice declared incompetent to stand trial. In sentencing him to 6 years in state prison, the judge noted that Bona will have access to mental health services while behind bars.