Sammy Salmon Helps Out Whiskeytown Environmental School

Many young people in Shasta County don’t know what they’re missing with the ongoing closure of Whiskeytown Environmental School. Known as “WES Camp” or “NEED Camp” to older folks, the campus at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area had hosted almost every 6th or 5th grade public school student in Shasta County for a week of learning, hiking, creating and living together in cabins. A tradition that spanned nearly 50 years ended abruptly when the Carr Fire devastated the area, and did not spare the camp. Seven cabins were destroyed and the hillside above was too destabilized to allow further use of the camp. Hazard trees have been removed by the Park Service and a lot of planning has been done by the non-profit Whiskeytown Environmental School Community. Now what’s needed is money for rebuilding. On Thursday East Redding Rotary will send Sammy Salmon to the camp with a $5,000 check to get some serious fundraising started. Information on how to help is at