Officers Find 2 Children Living In Deplorable Conditions During Probation Search

Two women were arrested and two children were taken into county custody after a probation search of an Anderson home. Tuesday afternoon officers arrived at the Douglas Street home of 42-year-old Tiffany Rogers and 40-year-old Tricia McCoshum. Neither of the women were home but McCoshum’s children, both under age 14, were there. Officers say the living conditions were deplorable, with animal feces and urine, spoiled food and trash scattered about the home. A search reportedly turned up more than 2 Ounces of Meth packaged in 15 separate baggies and almost 2 Grams of Heroin, along with syringes and other paraphernalia. While the search was underway Rogers drove by, saw the police and kept driving. She was pulled over and allegedly had several more baggies of Meth on her, and she was arrested. Officers went to McCoshum’s place of employment and arrested her. The kids were turned over to CPS.