Washington Post Publishes Article Critical Of Windsor Redding Care Center

The Washington Post has published a scathing piece about a Redding care home that experienced an outbreak of Coronavirus cases. The article is about Brius Healthcare, the state’s largest nursing home chain, which has amassed enormous profits from Medicare and Medi-Cal while coming under increasing scrutiny for its business practices and quality of care. The company owns Windsor Redding Care Center and the Post cites an inspection report done by a state agency. A nursing aide told an inspector that she and a colleague, who tested positive for the Coronavirus, tended to patients in August without wearing masks. She said she soon became ill with chills, aches and respiratory symptoms, but was asked to work anyway. She tested positive in September after working three days in a row. Another nursing assistant had a cough and lost her sense of taste but reported being told to come to work anyway, and she later tested positive. A member of management is quoted as saying employees were required to use up their vacation and paid time off before claiming sick leave, even under federal relief subsidies earmarked for that purpose. The state has levied a $152,000 fine against the facility on Court Street, which has had at least 90 cases of Covid and 22 deaths since August. Brius Healthcare disputes many of the claims made in the state inspectors report.