Man Reportedly Shoots Felon Who Threatened To Kill His Family

A Redding man has not been charged with a crime after shooting a man on the sidewalk from inside his house in an apparent defense of his family. Last Wednesday evening just before 6 O’clock Redding Police were called to Kerryjen Court on reports of shots fired. Multiple bullet strikes were found on the wall of an apartment building and five holes were in the window of an apartment across the street. While investigating, officers noticed 46-year-old Larry Jerdell Watts urinating on the sidewalk. He had a bullet wound in his upper thigh, which he appeared to be trying to conceal from officers. He was taken to the hospital. Watts had a felony warrant for criminal threats, assault with a deadly weapon and domestic violence. The apartment with the holes in the window was occupied by 29-year-old Michael Pierson, his girlfriend and three young children. He said watts had a history of threatening to shoot him and his family, so when he saw Watts outside he turned off the lights and sent the girlfriend and kids into the back room to call 9-1-1. When he thought Watts was taking a shooting stance, Pierson fired five rounds at him through the window. Watts is in stable condition. The incident will be reviewed by the D.A.’s Office.