Woman Suffers 3rd Degree Burns After Being Lit On Fire

A woman is suffering severe burns after a man set fire to her Sunday afternoon, according to Redding Police. At 12:30PM, multiple 9-1-1 callers brought officers to the south side of city hall. Witnesses said a man and a woman were arguing and involved in a physical confrontation when the man poured a liquid accelerant on her and lit her on fire. He fled the scene as she rolled on the ground trying to stop the flames. The liquid was apparently a white gas camping fuel. The woman was found nearby suffering extensive 3rd degree burns to her upper torso and her hands. She was transported to a hospital and her condition is unknown. The suspect was also found nearby. 39-year-old Brent Serrano was charged with attempted murder, arson, mayhem and assault with a deadly weapon. He also had multiple outstanding arrest warrants. He’s in jail on a Half Million Dollars bail.