Burglar Sentenced To 25-Years-To-Life In Prison

A man who served as a lookout during a burglary has been given a 25-year-to-life prison sentence, but there’s a lot of history that led to that sentence. 42-year-old Marlin Juan Pierson was arrested in February of last year. He was waiting outside a Redding apartment complex in his car wearing a ski mask while an accomplice broke into one of the units. The resident showed up and scared the burglar away and called police. Pierson was familiar with the victim and had visited the apartment. He had intimidated his accomplice into committing the crime. He was found guilty in July of first degree residential burglary with a special allegation that a victim was present during the break-in. Pierson has two prior strike convictions and two prior violent felonies, making him eligible for a mandatory 25-to-life sentence under the 3 strikes law.