Man Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison After Pleading To 11 Felonies

A Shasta County man will serve a very long prison sentence after striking a plea deal for two armed robberies and an armed standoff with law enforcement. 32-year-old Jake Matthew Houser robbed the Midway Market off Highway 273 between Redding and Anderson last December 8th. Then on January 11th Houser assaulted his mother and took her car. He told people that he wouldn’t be taken without a fight and on January 26th deputies found Houser at a cabin on Newscott Lane off Platina Road near Ono. He ran inside and barricaded the door as deputies set up a perimeter. Houser fired a shot from an AK-47 that went through a wall and hit the ground between two patrol cars. A deputy made phone contact with Houser, who claimed to be heavily armed and said he had a grenade. The SWAT Team, Hostage Negotiating Team and Bomb Squad were all called out. Tear gas was lobbed inside but Houser wouldn’t budge. At one point he agreed to give up one of his weapons and threw a 30-30 rifle outside. After more than 5 hours, more tear gas finally helped convince Houser to surrender. After pleading to eleven felonies Houser was sentenced Tuesday to 30 years in state prison.