Unprepared Hikers Rescued On Mount Shasta

Three hikers who failed to plan properly were lucky to be rescued on Mount Shasta over the weekend. Saturday afternoon as it was getting dark 2 men called 9-1-1 to say they had lost their friend after becoming separated on the mountain. They had arrived at the summit at 2:30PM in the afternoon thinking they would climb be back to their car before dark. When it became clear that wasn’t going to happen they did a Google search for the fastest route down. As they headed down the new route, they became separated and called for help. Search and rescue members were unable to find any of them that night. Sunday morning at 10:30AM two of the men were found, and fresh tracks in the snow were found at 11AM, leading to the other missing hiker. He was wearing only a hoodie, jeans and tennis shoes, and was flown to Mercy Mount Shasta to be treated for possible Hypothermia.