RPD: Woman Tries To Eat Baggie Of Heroin While Being Taken To Jail

A Shasta Lake City woman faces various drug charges after a traffic stop on Saturday. 31-year-old Jennifer Turman was pulled over by Redding Police near the intersection of Highway 273 and Buenaventura. She had a suspended driver’s license, and the officer noticed a small child in the back seat who was not properly restrained. The officer searched the Lexus sedan and reportedly found a number of used hypodermic syringes on the drivers side floorboard. The child was placed into county CPS custody and Turman was arrested. While on the way to jail she reportedly managed to get her cuffed hands in front of her and pulled out a hidden bag of Heroin, which she tried to eat before the officer took it away. She was booked into jail for child endangerment and drug possession.