Police Released Body Camera Footage Of Officer Involved Shooting

Red Bluff Police have released body camera footage from an officer-involved shooting that happened on October 20th. Several 9-1-1 callers had reported seeing a man walking down Gilmore Road carrying what was described as an automatic rifle. Three officers responded and spotted the man with what they thought was a tactical style rifle. 36-year-old Joseph Lloyd Thompson at first avoided the officers by ducking into the home of a neighbor, who was familiar with him and referred to him as “Joe Dirt”. When Thompson came back out and continued down the street he was confronted by Sergeant Kevin Bowen, Corporal Stephen Harper and another officer. When Thompson faced them and raised the gun, the officers fired several rounds and Thompson hit the pavement. When Thompson raised the gun again, the officers fired on him again as they approached and disarmed him. Thompson is still recovering and is not yet able to communicate, according to Red Bluff Police Chief Kyle Sanders. Thompson’s gun was a Sig-Sauer air rifle that looked very similar to an AR-15. The camera footage is on the KQMS Facebook page.