Update: Man Arrested For Murder Won’t Face Charges

The Tehama County District Attorneys Office will not charge a man who was arrested for murder earlier this week. A little before Noon on Wednesday deputies were called to an open field east of 70 Byron Avenue, where the body of 35-year-old John Edmond Weaver Jr. was lying face down. Several witnesses were interviewed by investigators. They said Weaver had been in a fight with 34-year-old David Anthony Chavez in front of an apartment at 95 Mina Avenue. Weaver walked away and was later found dead in the field 30 yards away. The district attorneys office said that an autopsy was unable to provide a cause of death, and no charges would be filed. Detectives say the two men were in a fight. However, it’s unclear if Weaver died as a direct result of the fight. Investigators were unable to determine the nature of the altercation, meaning it’s unclear who attacked who or who was acting in self-defense. The DA’s office said it will continue to work closely with the Tehama County Sheriff’s Office on this open and active investigation.