Crews Working To Restore Power, More Outages Could Happen This Weekend

PG&E says gusts reached 56 miles an hour in Shasta County Thursday, and more strong winds could be coming on Sunday. A majority of customers affected by a public safety power shutoff have been restored, and the rest should get their electricity back Friday as crews continue to inspect the grid for damage. Meteorologists are closely watching for a possible wind storm coming on Sunday that could prompt another shutoff, which could be more widespread than the current one. The latest information can be found at

Because of the lack of power, many schools are closed, including all schools in the Cottonwood District, Oak Run, Grant, Millville, Indian Springs, Chrysalis, and others as well. North Cow Creek will be on a minimum day schedule. Pacheco and Prairie will reopen Friday. Parents and students should check with their schools if they are in an area to be blacked out.