Red Bluff Police Identify Man Shot By Officers

A man shot by Red Bluff Police Tuesday afternoon has been identified as 36-year-old Joseph Lloyd Thompson. Several 9-1-1 callers had reported seeing a man walking down Gilmore Road carrying what was described as an automatic rifle. Three officers responded and spotted Thompson with what they thought was a tactical style rifle. He at first avoided the officers by ducking into a stranger’s home, but he then came back out and continued down the street until he was confronted by Sergeant Kevin Bowen and Corporal Stephen Harper. Thompson apparently faced them and pointed the gun at them. Both officers fired several rounds at Thompson and missed. When Thompson raised the gun again, the officers fired their sidearms again and at least one shot struck him. At last word, Thompson was in stable condition. His gun was an air rifle designed to look like a serious weapon. The officers are on paid administrative leave.