Sheriff’s Deputy Pulls Woman And 2-Year-Old Grandson From Irrigation Canal

A frightening situation unfolded in Anderson Thursday when a toddler went missing with several bodies of water nearby. Just before Noon, Christy Doss reported that her 2-year-old grandson had last been seen 5 minutes previous to the call when he was in the yard with family members at her home on Darlenes Way. Multiple relatives were already combing the area, which is dotted with various ponds, swimming pools and a fast moving irrigation canal. Deputies and a CHP helicopter responded for the search. When the first deputy arrived he started checking the canal area and could hear the faint sound of someone yelling. He ran toward the voice and found Christy Doss almost submerged in the canal, clinging to the steep canal wall with one hand and barely holding her grandson out of the water with the other hand. The deputy grabbed the very cold child and started life saving efforts as other deputies arrived and pulled doss out of the water. The 2-year-old is at Mercy Medical Center, last listed in stable condition and recovering.