CHP: Woman Arrested After Intentionally Crashing Into Big Rig

A woman from Roseville who was a victim of a hit-and-run collision in the Intermountain Area of Shasta County then committed her own hit-and-hit-and-hit-and-run, according to the CHP. Just after 6AM Thursday morning a Chevrolet Cruze collided with an older model pickup at the intersection of Highways 299 and 89. The pickup left the scene and remains unidentified. An uninvolved tractor-trailer then went through the intersection and continued south on Highway 89 and the Cruze driver followed it, then passed it over double yellow lines and struck the front fender. As the truck driver stopped and got out, the Cruze driver turned around and drove directly toward the trucker. He jumped up onto the rear chassis of his truck and the car struck the left fuel tank, then made another U-turn and rammed the front of the truck before driving away. The Cruze soon ran out of gas and the CHP caught up to it. 32-year-old Rachael Daniels was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and hit and run.