3 Confirmed Fatalities From Zogg Fire, 146 Structures Destroyed

The devastating Zogg Fire continues to rapidly expand and has forced more evacuations. The wind driven fire broke out around 3 O’clock Sunday and by nightfall it had grown to over 7000 acres. Tuesday morning the fire has grown to over 40,300 acres with no containment. There have been three confirmed fatalities. At least 146 structures have been destroyed and more than 1500 are threatened. Mandatory evacuations include…
— Placer Road west of Texas Springs and all side roads
— Gas Point Road to Foster Drive
— Muletown Road
— Platina Road west to the Tehama County line

Other road closures include

-Highway 36 @ Bowman Road
-Gaspoint Road @ Foster Road
-Clear Creek Road @ Cloverdale Road

A temporary evacuation point is the Holiday Market at Placer and Buenaventura

Happy Valley Schools are open. Grant School is closed. Igo-Ono schools are closed until further notice

The fire is currently burning to the south, towards Platina, with no containment. Just after 6AM Monday the Shasta County Sheriff’s Department has issued a mandatory evacuation of Muletown Road, from Placer Road to north of Kanaka Lane, and all roads off of Muletown Road. Mandatory evacuations have also been issued for Diggins Way south of Placer Road and all roads off of Diggins Way. An evacuation order is in place for all areas south of South Fork Road & Zogg Mine Road. Evacuations are in place for areas south along the Gas Point Corridor including all residents along Gas Point Road from Clear Creek Road to Foster Drive. There are also evacuations for Platina Road from Gas Point Road west to the Tehama County line. Crews are bracing for the fire to enter Trinity County. Here is a list of evacuations for Tehama County.

Mandatory Evacuations

-The area of Highway 36 at Bowman Road and all areas west to the Shasta County line
-The area west of Highway 36 to Cannon Road and everything west of Cannon Road
-Cannon Road to Ranch Road West

Evacuations Warnings

-Lowery Road at Johnson Road and areas to the west
-Hess Road to Johnson and areas west
-Reeds Creek Road at Blossom Road west
-Kakis Trail at Highway 36

Animal evacuation sites are set up at the Cottonwood Rodeo Grounds & Haven Humane. Contact SHASCOM at 245-6540 for assistance. The sheriffs office is asking residents to stay out of the fire zone and is urging residents to heed to the mandatory evacuations.