RPD: Man Arrested After Breaking Into Home Through Dog Door

An air conditioner repairman apparently became infatuated with a customer, culminating when he appeared in her kitchen early Sunday morning. It was after 2:30AM when he arrived unannounced and uninvited, crawled through the dog door and confronted her. She told him to get out and called Redding Police, so he left. The victim told officers that she knew the man as “Roger”. He had been at her home repairing her A/C unit about a month ago, at which time he made unwanted advances. He got her phone number and called and texted her repeatedly until she blocked her number. Police investigated and identified the man as 41-year-old William Robinson, then located him at the AM/PM at Churn Creek and Mistletoe. He reportedly admitted to being the intruder, but when officers tried to handcuff him he ran away. He was quickly caught and booked for burglary, prowling and resisting arrest. Stalking charges may be filed later.