Council Approves Changes To Downtown Business Improvement District

With the revamping of what was once the Downtown Redding Mall, a benefit assessment district that has been in place since 1993 is being dismantled. The 12 property owners that make up what’s now known as the Market Street Promenade have been paying three cents per square foot for an annual assessment of about $75,000 per year, which has been used for maintenance of the mall, security, janitorial, and landscaping services. But that district is no longer feasible or needed with the transformation of the downtown, including the Shasta College Center, and the new market center with its mixed use of commercial and residential. The district will be disbanded and a new business improvement district formed by the end of the year. It will essentially cover the same services, but because of the wholesale changes to the area needed to be transformed and updated. The city council approved the changes at Tuesday nights meeting.