Man Arrested For Attempted Murder After Shooting On Placer Road

A Shasta County man is charged with attempted murder for shooting his ex-girlfriend. Monday morning multiple 9-1-1 callers on Placer Road just west of Redding reported hearing an argument followed by gunshots. One of the callers was 43-year-old Josh Carlson, who said he had just shot someone on his property. While the victim was being transported to a hospital, deputies went to talk to Carlson. He was cooperative and said he and the woman he shot had been dating and living together until a recent breakup. An investigation showed he had been standing inside the house and fired a shot through a window, striking the woman in her torso as she stood on the back porch. He allegedly told deputies that he feared for his safety but the victim was unarmed and in no position to be a threat. Text messages were found on Carlson’s phone where he reportedly told the woman that he shoot her if she returned to his home. He was booked into jail.