Mar Arrested After Threatening To Kill Woman In North Redding

A Redding man who dragged his girlfriend into the woods while threatening to kill her was thwarted by another man, according to police. Tuesday afternoon the victim and her friend, 26-year-old Brianne Payne, had gone to a location on Jaxion Way in North Redding to buy a car. While they were waiting the victim’s boyfriend, 24-year-old Seth Anthony Fontaine, showed up and ordered the victim to leave with him. When she refused Fontaine allegedly got her in a headlock and threatened her friend with a tire iron as he dragged the victim into the woods. He reportedly tried to smash her cell phone and dragged her about 150 yards while telling her several times that he would kill her. Payne’s boyfriend, 39-year-old Todd Pitner, arrived and was told what happened, so he headed into the woods, found Fontaine and tackled him, separating him from the victim and keeping him occupied until Redding Police arrived. Fontaine, who’s on Post Release Supervision for a pursuit, was booked into jail for kidnapping, criminal threats, robbery, domestic violence and drug possession.